Patient Participation Group

Since 2011/12 we have been able to establish Redwood practice Patient Participation Groups as an on-line Patient Reference Group (PRG) and then in 2012/13 also a Face-to-Face Redwood practice (PPG) was established. The purpose of running both groups was to actively involve our patients in discussions about the range and quality of the services provided by us. The Patient Participation Scheme aims to promote the proactive engagement of patients through the use of local patient survey with a view to improving the services provided by The Redwood practice.

Through our PPGs we would gain a better understanding of the views of the patients registered with us and to fulfil the Patient Participation DES requirements as outlined in this report. We attempted to do this by meeting to discuss issues and concerns raised by our PPG. Most of our members from last year’s PPG have participated this year and in addition we have managed to recruit 4 new members making it a total of 9 member group.

If you are happy for us to contact you occasionally  please use the form below to contact us.

Patient Participation Group AGM

There will be an Patient Participation Group AGM meeting on 7th March at 7.00 at Maswell Park Health Centre.

Patient Reports and Surveys

A quality survey has been conducted and discussed with the PPG and the clinical and practice staff and an action plan developed to address the issues raised.





You said……. We did

During the year 2014/2015 we have achieved the following which have been actioned by our Patient Participation Group. Please view this on the link below.

Priority Areas

At a meeting with our PPG on 24th March 2015 we agreed on 3 priority areas, please see our full report under 2015 heading under Reports & surgeys.

Priority Area 1: We will be improving our telephone system for better patient access. We are also looking to install a patient monitoring pod screen which will give you the following functions, you will be able to log on line and submit your answers to our database.

  • Smoking
  • PHQ9
  • Audit
  • Standard Check (essentially a series of lifestyle questions)
  • New Patient Check
  • HADS and/or GAD-7
  • IAPT
  • UTI
  • Asthma
  • Breathlessness Scale
  • Friends & Family

Priority Area 2: Ongoing review of our website. Please browse through this site and make any constructive comments to improve this further.

Priority Area 3: Better communication chanel with our patients about passing information of relevant disease areas via emails, newsletters, notices, handouts. Please let us have your email address so that we can build on our database to effectively communicate with you via our secure email system.

Meetings and Events

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Meeting Minutes

Please see copies of PPG meeting minutes:

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Data Subject Consent Form

Please complete our Data Subject Consent Form for Patient Participation Group to allow Maswell Park Patient Participation Group the right to process your personal data (Photograph, full name, email), for the purpose of promoting the visions and aims of the Maswell Park Patient Participation Group.

Register for our Patient Participation Group

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